American Artist Chloe Dee Noble
Chloe Dee Noble Art & Sculpture

the art studio of Chloe Dee Noble, her books and art in Braille

2022 Calendars ~ Gift Ideas ~ items are available now.
Chloe Dee Noble art displayed in Bulgaria
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704 Sunset Avenue in Venice Beach, California
the place where I created most of my art
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Chloe Dee Noble - PARIS art displayed in Bulgaria
Chloe works in forensic science as a facial reconstruction artist
Homage to JonBenet
Miscellaneous photos: works in bronze, canvas, paper and a bit of biographical information.
Chloe Dee Noble - her variety of art created
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Welcome to my website.
is my personal email address. 

I ask you not to send photos or links in your email, they will go unopened..
I also ask you not to send internet spam, I don't like it.

I do love canned spam ~ the state food of Hawaii,
made popular by War Rations.

Chloe Dee Noble in Nice, France

a photo of me in Nice, France. 
The little hill in the background - over my head - is Villefranche-Sur-mer,
a sweet enclave of beach homes nestled into hillsides.  I stay there often. 
Beyond that is Eze which is also beauituful and charming.
Beyond that is Monaco which snuggles up to Italy.

Thank you for visiting my website . . .

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