American Artist Chloe Dee Noble
Chloe Dee Noble

the art studio of Chloe Dee Noble, her books and art in Braille

The Blue Cornflower Project ~ Le Projet Bleuet Bleu
An international art exhibit to honor 4000 French children living in Paris in 1942 who were deported and died in Auschwitz .
4000 children and their story
The blue cornflower project - le projet Bleuet Bleu
The 4000 children we are honoring with the art exhibit.
Details about the 4000 French children we are honoring with the art exhibit.
autobiography of Chloe Dee Noble, American artist
Chloe's Bijou Shop

Her personal estate jewelry
Chloe's Bijou Shop of her personal estate jewelry

Kabbalah Red String Bracelet
from tomb of Rachel, blessed holy amulet.
The Grace Kelly Page
Chloe met Grace at her childhood home and when she became a princess she gave Chloe many things, clothing, jewelry, Here is part of that collection.
Chloe Dee Noble ~ Gift Ideas
Chloe Dee Noble art
704 Sunset Avenue in Venice Beach, California
the place where I created most of my art
SAMPLE PAGE TWO ~ items are available now.
SAMPLE PAGE THREE ~ items are available now.
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SAMPLE PAGE FIVE ~ items are available now.
Chloe Dee Noble - PARIS art displayed in Bulgaria
Chloe works in forensic science as a facial reconstruction artist
Homage to JonBenet
Miscellaneous photos: works in bronze, canvas, paper and a bit of biographical information.
Chloe Dee Noble - her variety of art created
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Kabbalah Red String Bracelet


Red string bracelet
blessed; includes instructions and prayers.  
Photos are from the Tomb of Rachel. 
Chloe made the pilgrimage to the area and it changed her life.
She encourages fasting one day per week (while donating cost of daily food to charity), daily prayer, meditation and suggests: 
Please wear this blessed and prayed over bracelet as a reminder of all things good in this world. Be the instrument of goodness and peace, the bracelet serves as a tangible and gentle reminder. 

Each bracelet has been handmade by Chloe and stained with raw beets in a special prayer ceremony in her garden.  It is finished with bee's wax from the Holy Land. 

You may find yourself becoming more spiritual as you focus daily on forgiveness, good health, healing and most of all, viewing yourself as an instrument of peace and community healing. 
Rachel had a steady diet of organic and nutritious raw beets that grow plentiful in the Holy Land. 
Bracelets are shipped throughout the world in a prayer for peace on earth.  
Visualize P E A C E. 
Model shown in photos is a faithful follower of Kabbalah and always wears Chloe’s red string bracelets. 
Each bracelet (includes prayers, instructions on how to tie and wear it) is mailed to you from Chloe's studio. . 

Red String Bracelet, $7.50

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