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"Who Am I ?"

Forensic Facial Reconstruction
Progressed age illustration to see what they look like today.

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Bronze Sculpture, Original Oils on Canvas and Giclees on Canvas




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Solo Exhibition May 2007 LESSEDRA Gallery Bulgaria

Solo Exhibition - a retrospective covering thirty years of work

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California Page One

Miniature Floral and Botanical Original Paintings. Acrylic on canvas. Painted in Carmel-by-the-Sea, Pacific Grove, Monterey and Big Sur, California
Carmel Garden - two
Carmel Garden - three
Carmel Garden - four
Carmel Garden - five

Carmel Garden - Six

Interview with Chloe Dee Noble

This is an interview with artist, Chloe Dee Noble for "Eternal Journal", August 11, 2001

CHINA 2003 International Sculpture Invitational

Chloe's essay submitted to China Sculpture Invitational with bronze sculpture "Beautiful Dreamer"

News Articles - 2007

News article from Sofia Bulgaria about Chloe's SOLO Exhibition during May 2007
News Articles - 2007
Newspaper article published in DarikNews - 25 Април 2007 ~ BULGARIA
News Articles - 2007
Newspaper Article April 25, 2007 about Chloe's Bulgarian exhibition for the month of May
News Articles - 2007
Newspaper article from Bulgarian News, 2007
News Articles - 2005
Newspaper article published May 18, 2005 written by Ada Ezeokoli, BEACON Staff Writer
News Articles - 2001
Brown Recluse Spider blinds artist . While healing she created Bronze Sculpture "BEAUTIFUL DREAMER" to raise funds for Blindness and AIDS research.
News Articles - 2001
Newspaper Article published May 14, 2001 Monterey, California
News Articles - 2000
Newspaper Article The Monterey Peninsula Review, Thursday, December 28, 2000 - Monterey, California
News Articles - 1996
Dee Noble; Brown Recluse Spider Victim
News Articles - 1995
Newspaper Article dated April 25, 1995 Wrightwood, California
News Articles - 1995
Carmel Valley, THE SUN Newspaper Article
News Articles - 1993
Newspaper Article dated May 26, 1993 Wrightwood, California
News Articles - 1993
High Sierra Weekend, June 23, 1993 Mammoth's Guide to Entertainment , Arts & Recreation
News Articles - 1993
The Valley News, Los Angeles, California
News Articles - 1993
San Bernardino,California Daily News
News Articles - 1992
Wrightwood News Article
News Articles - 1989
Business News, April 12, 1989
News Articles - 1982
THE UNION-RECORDER Milledgeville, Georgia (Staff Report) "Today's Living, Thursday, May 20, 1982

Pentimento.Spirit ~ a VIDA Shop

(artist, Chloe Dee Noble)
Chloe's VIDA Shop: Pentimento.Spirit: metaphor "newer paint worn away reveals the inner child's spirit"


Napa Cabbage, Hammered Rice

art prints featuring Braille and works of nature - Chloe Dee Noble

Curriculum Vitae & Biographical sketch

CV & Bio



Belle France !! Chloe's favorite places.

Chloe's favorite places to visit in France, including private homes of Chloe's very good friends for your vacation rental.

"On Pressing Flowers"

story about Grace Kelly and her mother Margaret

"Bittersweet Memory"

sometimes the day brings you a surprise
Kaballah, Cabalah, Kaballah - Holy Amulet - Pledge your purest heart to the universe.
Chloe's ZAZZLE designs for
Items available on created by Chloe Dee Noble

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Biography of movie producer JACK REEVES
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Roxy's Garden
a place to find Vintage jewelry. We also offer affordable residential lots for small monthly payments
Limited Edition Art Prints with Braille

Examples of Chloe's art with Braille
"Tiny Dancer" Bronze Sculpture
Chloe Dee Noble FOODIE TOTES

Paintings on foodie totes to brighten you grocery shopping in environmentally friendly cotton.

Chloe Dee Noble

Christmas Tree Ornaments
Christmas tree ornaments from the Chloe Dee Noble Collection


Interview with Chloe Dee Noble

Interview with artist, Chloe Dee Noble, conducted by Esther Sue Stewart for "Eternal Journal", August 11, 2001

Question: 01-EJ: What was the first time you realized you wanted to become an artist? What inspired you at that moment?
Answer: Chloe: Painting became part of my daily routine when I was a child - as natural as breathing. Everything I see gets painted in my head, whether I want it to or not. For example, whenever I talk to someone - while we are chatting - my mind busily mixes the colors needed to get just the right shade of green in their eyes, the blond in their hair or the red in their scarf. Some things also get painted on paper or canvas but everything I see gets painted inside my head.
Everything inspires me. Always.

Question: 02-EJ: What do you consider to be the "brightest moment" in your artist career?
Answer: Chloe: That's easy. Whatever I am doing at the moment gets my full attention and 100% of my passion. Each moment of my life is the brightest moment in my career.

Question: 03-EJ: What would you say is your biggest motivating force behind your success as an artist?
Answer: Chloe: Probably that I am focused. Total involvement in whatever I am doing at the moment. Even when I do the dishes or laundry I totally immerse myself in the experience and find the joy. Everything in life is a creative experience.

Question: 04-EJ: In your international recognition as a gifted artist, you have had many opportunities to travel all over the world. What is your favorite traveling experience?
Answer: Chloe: One summer was spent in the childhood home of Saint Clair in Assisi, Italy. Each evening I retired to my balcony to watch fields of sunflowers bow their heads, preparing for sunset. One evening little gusts of wind sprang up.
There must be 20 churches in Assisi with bell towers. Little gusts of wind began hitting the bells causing a faint ringing. As winds grew stronger - the bells rang louder while great thunder began rolling across the Umbrian hills. This continued about five minutes. Church bells with the crescendo of thunder became a great celestial orchestra. Hushed by soft rain, the air became fresh and sweet. It was magnificent!

Question: 05-EJ: Do you ever have problems knowing when a piece of artwork is finished?
Answer: Chloe: "ART" is my life. While creating art I totally lose myself and at the same time I totally find myself. I am lucky that my passion is so profound. Because of this, I think, knowing when a painting is finished is instinctual.

Question: 06-EJ: Who are some of the famous people you have met through your exposure to the world of art?
Answer: Chloe: I could write a book about interesting meetings with famous people. Literally hundreds. One of the most gracious was General Omar Bradley while attending a Medal of Honor Dinner. Another humble soul was Sir Laurence Olivier at the Academy Awards. He insisted I call him Larry.
Someone who became a very good friend and my most important mentor was Margaret Kelly, mother of Grace Kelly. After Grace became Princess Grace of Monaco, Margaret had an empty nest, so to speak. We were both happy to have me fill that spot. Actually, I learned a lot from her and her darling daughter.

Question: 07-EJ: Without inspiration, there is no motivation. How do you keep yourself inspired and properly motivated on a daily basis?
Answer: Chloe: I am indeed blessed. Always inspired, always motivated. I think it may be that I do what I love doing.

Question: 08-EJ: Who is the person you look up to the most?
Answer: Chloe: That would be Margaret Kelly (mother of Grace Kelly). She taught me so much about living in a state of grace, commitments and the "value of your word". Whenever I have a bad day - and I don't have many, I think of Maragret and her little "spurts of wisdom". Grace had quite a few of those, as I recall. I pull them from my memory bank whenever I need them.

Question: 09-EJ: You are very passionate about what you believe to be a worthy cause. Would you share your most important cause and why you are motivated?
Answer: Chloe: My journey in life has led me to blindness in varying degrees. A chronic condition that changes month to month (due to a spider bite to my nose in 1996). The doctors told me that I most likely would not survive and if I did, I would be blind. That experience has shown me how vulnerable we are in life. How right it is to seize the moment. This journey led me to meet many people with blindness and AIDS. It has changed my life. It has broken my heart. It has made me strong and brave. I create sculpture to benefit fund raising programs for these two causes - Blindness and AIDS.

Question: 10-EJ: What wisdom would you share with someone who is struggling to discover the shape of what their gift to the world will be?
Answer: Chloe: Oh,that will shape itself when you honor yourself by being brave enough to take a chance. Commit totally to your passion. When you follow your passion the rest will follow.

Question: 11-EJ: What is one of the greatest lessons you have learned over the course of your life that you would like to share?
Answer: Chloe: The most important things I have learned:
(1) While one should listen to advice and wisdom of others, it is the clarity of our own heart that matters. Be brave, listen to your inner voice.
(2) Avoid people who take pleasure in hurting others. I never allow people to gossip or speak negatively of others when they are with me. I just don't allow it. I NEVER associate with people who gossip. Gossip is so evil.
(3) Renew your attitude daily, wipe yersterday's slate clean.

Question: 12-EJ: What are some of your biggest goals for the future?
Answer: Chloe: My bronze sculpture "Beautiful Dreamer" is raising more than one million dollars for Blind and AIDS Research/education. Promoting that project is a full time job. I plan to continue creating bronze sculptures to raise funds for humanitarian causes while keeping balance in my daily life - which means having afternoon tea with friends and quiet walks on the beach.
My most important goal is to live each moment with great respect and appreciation and try to be worthy of its gift. To take pride in the moment is to honor life.

Question: 13-EJ: What is the secret behind your success in dealing with people from all walks of life?
Answer: Chloe: Basically a hermit, being alone is my favorite thing. When I am with others, I try to be myself, keep a peaceful heart and have a comfortable experience in their company. Everyone should be honored for their differences.

Queston: 14-EJ: If you could sum up your "philosophy" of successful living in a few words, what would you say?
Answer: Chloe: Everyone is creative and represented in the continuous tree of life. The baker, the bricklayer, the physician, the delivery boy, the baby sitter - we are all equal. Success lies in "honoring the moment" in your life. Whatever it is you are doing - give it everything you've got - plus a little extra, with a happy heart. If you are doing one thing and thinking about another, you dishonor both things. Therefore you dishonor yourself and your creator.

Question: 15-EJ: Is there a form of art that you personally object to?
Answer: Chloe: There are probably forms of art that I would object to. Those that do not honor my personal values. I guard myself. I never put myself in a place that would knowingly harm me aesthetically or physically. I give negative things ZERO attention.

Question: 16-EJ: What is your favorite art form?
Answer: Chloe: There are many. Of the visual arts, if I have to pick one, it would be bronze sculpture - figurative.

Question: 17-EJ: On a personal note, who is your favorite artist? movie star? favorite movie? book?
Answer: Chloe:
Artist: Auguste Rodin, sculptor
Movie Star: Peter Coyote - absolutely!
Movie: Favorite movie would be "Cross Creek". Another favorite (sans Mr. Peter Coyote) would be "Rocket Gibralter" (Great movies)
Book: I am in love with my French/English Dictionary.

Question: 18-EJ: Besides art, what are some other avenues of expression that you are involved in?
Answer: Chloe: Most of the time I work alone - as do the other 1500 artists that live on the Monterey Peninsula. With our easels we dot the coastline to catch on canvas the sea at dawn. If you don't have a social life, you can get a little goofy. Many of us meet for dinner one night a week at the Clint Eastwood Mission Ranch. It is a charming seaside restaurant in Carmel-by-the-Sea, complete with a meadow of sheep. We enjoy our time there with a wonderful pianist, Gennady, who is kind and accommodating. He plays oldies, classical, blues, jazz and show tunes. Some of us sing along while others dance. The place is filled with writers, sculptors, painters and actors. Great fun! Other than singing, I enjoy writing short stories.

Question; 19-EJ: If you had the power to change one thing that is curently happening in this world, what would it be?
Answer: Chloe: KINDNESS is all that matters. Through kindness wars would cease. Children would not be hungry.

Question: 20-EJ: How does God fit into your life?
Answer: Chloe: To unite a couple in marriage; to anoint a newborn child with holy water in the presence of family and friends; to offer comfort to someone who is in pain; to me this is the ultimate blessing. In 1999 I became an ordained minister so that I could do these things. God is in my every breath.

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